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Company Announcement - 042013

Recently and occasionally we were inquired about who we are and where we are located at.  We are Apexto Electronics Company Ltd. and operating business at addresses shown on page of Contact Us.  Our official website is www.apexto.com.

We are a manufacturer in the field of storage data devices.  There are some other domain names similar to our www.apexto.com  yet they are not us.  They are probably more trading oriented business firms who registered domain names at a later date that look like ours.  Although it is not unusual in China, we feel sorry for those who arbitrarily use our production line pictures on their web pages without our permission.

We apologized for this confusion that caused so much inconvenience to you and miscommunication and/or breakdown between us.

Again, www.apexto.com is the only official website of Apexto Electronics Co., Ltd. and for for future inquiries please use the following addresses:

                                sales@apexto.com                                               sales@procali.com